How to view the academic preference allotted to a candidate?

1. Login to the Seat Allotment Process portal using your application number, date of birth and OTP. Candidates can see the academic preference submission screen after the successful login.
2. The options submission box of the academic preference allotted to the candidate is marked as ‘X’ in red. This means, this is the academic preference allotted to a candidate.
3. Candidates who are allotted the FIRST academic preference as per the submission are not required to opt for sliding for higher preference. They can proceed to pay the fees if they are desirous of joining the programme.
4. Candidates who are allotted an academic preference other than first academic preference can either accept the allotted seat or opt for sliding after paying the fees.
5. Candidates who are not willing to participate in subsequent seat allotment processes even after the allotment of any academic preference, are free to Withdraw from the process by clicking on the ‘Withdraw button’ on the current status screen.
6. Provisional Seat Allotment Order will be released for the paid candidates in the first round of allotment only after June 4th. This is to reconcile the payments after the last date to pay the fees (June 3rd).
7. Registration fee is not refunded if at least one academic preference is allotted and the candidate denies the allotment.
8. Registration fee is refunded to those candidates who’re not allotted any seat even in the last round of seat allotment. Such candidates will receive refund of the registration fee only after 22nd July.

Important Instructions for B.Tech Joint Seat Allotment - 2019

1. Academic Details and Application Data once entered CANNOT BE edited. Fill the details carefully. If your +2 state is wrongly displayed/entered wrongly, the same shall be reported online. Refer point 5 to fill the form.
2. Candidates are required to submit minimum one academic preference (choice of campus and branch) at the time of registration. Multiple academic preferences may also be submitted as per the interest. i.e. candidates may choose as many academic preferences as possible. Options available - 29 branches across 4 campuses. Enter in sequence 1, 2, 4...
3. Confirm the choices of academic preference before submission. It is recommended to keep a printed copy of the academic preferences for any future reference.
4. Please ensure that you select valid academic preferences as per your interest.
If one of your academic preferences is allotted and it is not an option you would like to join for, then there is no option to change the allotment.
If you do not accept the allotment, you will lose the registration fees of Rs.5,000/- and will not be considered for further rounds of seat allotment, thereby will miss a chance for admission.
Hence it is advised that you only opt only those options of your interest.
Repetitions are also not allowed - Same choice of campus and branch should not be repeated.
5. Eligibility Criteria - 50% each in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & 60% aggregate in PCM.
6. If you made some mistake in the data entered, fill the form - click here
7. If there is a payment error, report the same by email to There is no need to be panic. Additional payment made by mistake will be refunded.

HelpDesk Number

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